Just to say “thank you” for your care, attention and kindness. To have my vision restored is a priceless gift. One I hope will last as long as I do. As an extremely nervous patient, I fully appreciated the “G&T’s” from your anaesthetist. I don’t remember a thing! Just how I like it. NB

A small token for the world you have given back to me. I cannot believe what I have been missing all these years. I can see faces I have not been able to distinguish for so long but who is that wrinkly old woman looking back at me in the mirror. Thank you so much. ST

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team so much for successfully and efficiently removing my cataracts and improving my overall vision. As someone with lifelong impaired vision due to considerable short sightedness, I can’t believe that I can now see so well without my glasses. I’ve always said that I envy nothing that others have, except their good vision – now I have that. SH

Just a note to say many thanks for finding the time in your busy schedule to come and talk to the group yesterday. Your insights and experience were very enlightening and informative. I received much positive feedback after the meeting. – From macular society, Exeter Support group.

Just a note to say how grateful I am for your skill and care which got me through the cataract surgery with remarkable ease. All the support staff were excellent too. I am delighted to report that colours have an increased radiance which makes photography more fun. I have resumed tennis too, but had only one competitive match – so far all well. AC

Dear Mr Simcock, I felt I would like to drop you a few lines, (many of which I am sure you will have received before) to let you know how immensely grateful I am that you have made it possible for me to become aware of just how wonderfully colourful and bright the world now is. I really had not appreciated just how subdued everything had become over time, and so this was a complete and unexpected joy and quite a revelation too (dust and finger marks not previously seen!). In addition, I would like also to say how completely wonderful it si to be able to see unaided at distance with perfect clarity, something I simply cannot remember being able to do. My grateful thanks are also extended to all the other members of the wonderful team who looked after me. MB

Dear Mr Simcock, I can see all the weeds and brambles in the garden and the cobwebs in the house! All the glare that came into that eye has disappeared. Thank you so much again for all your help and advice. It is really good to see better again. AS

Thank you for agreeing to see me last week and for your comprehensive review of my vision. I am much reassured by your prognosis and am particularly grateful for the clarity of your explanation. I feel I now have a fair understanding of the defects to my eyes and an organised approach to self monitoring any possible deterioration. Thank you. CF

Dear Mr Simcock, as you are aware, I was very nervous and in fact frightened about having the cataract operation on my left eye because of my mother’s family eye history. However, after discussing the matter with you fully, you carried out the operation. I would like to thank you for the compassion and kindness shown to me whilst this was being done to put me at my ease. I would also like to thank the wonderful considerate staff you have working in your department. BB

Thank you for improving my vision so much. I am amazed at the detail in everything I can see. SH

Dear Peter, Thank you seems so inadequate in connection with my recent eye operation and your professional skill and advice. It is already making such a huge difference to my quality of life. Thank you again. JH

I would just like to say an enormous thank you to you for the operation you did on my eye and which has given me back the sight that had been lost. I really appreciate all you did to restore my sight in the eye as I did not know it could be done. RG

Thank you for considerably brightening up my life. Things are so much clearer and sharper in my right eye now. I would like to express my appreciation of all the care and consideration I received which did much to relieve my anxiety and also for the delicate skills needed for such an operation. BG

I really must thank you for giving back the sight in her eye. It was an incredibly anxious time for us after such a freak accident. I am extremely grateful for everything. MC

Thank you so much for seeing me so quickly. I was very apprehensive after a previous consultation shortly before Christmas used words that carried a weight of anxiety in my mind. I am very reassured by what you said and am very grateful for this. IP

I can’t tell you how grateful I am and thank you seems such an inadequate way of expressing my gratitude, but thank you, thank you, thank you. BH

With all thanks for a wonderful job fantastically well done. RW

Dear Mr Simcock. I wish to thank you for the marvellous work you do. There is no doubt you have prevented me from becoming blind. With most grateful thanks. DB

Just a note to thank you for doing my cataract operation on Wednesday last and for being so patient with me. It has been such a success I can’t believe what a very bright world there is out there. MD

You warned me that there may be some slight distortion remaining after my operation but I am pleased and extremely grateful to say that I do not suffer from any distortion at all in my eye. May I thank you for your success in this. JD

This is just to thank you for the courtesy and kindness shown to me on my recent visit to your clinic. It does make a real difference I can assure you. PE

Thank you for your kind and efficient care during my cataract operation. It is greatly appreciated. MC

I am sitting in the sun reading the Times. This may seem mundane but I am not wearing glasses. The change is amazing. Long distance is also crystal clear. Thank you for a remarkable piece of ophthalmological engineering. JD

Thank you so much for doing my cataract surgery. I’m enclosing this poppy to show you the brilliance of colours I’m now experiencing. But the down-side is that I am seeing all the wrinkles! Despite this I’m thrilled. Thank you, thank you. SK

Thank you for efficiently performing a highly successful cataract operation on my left eye. I am very appreciative of your skill in operating as you did. With very many thanks. GA

Thank you for a great job you did on both my cataracts. I am extremely delighted with the outcome. To be able to go without long distance glasses after over 40 years is absolutely amazing. Thank you once again. PF

I have now undergone two eye operations, one in each eye for macular holes. I feel I must write to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, not only for the brilliant results but really in the manner in which I was received and treated by yourself and all of the staff involved. From the very outset I was treated with courtesy, kindness, good manners and importantly a degree of humour. JT

I thank you very much for my cataract operation yesterday. All went very smoothly and without pain that I could hardly believe that the operation had taken place. I congratulate you and all the nursing staff who were so courteous, friendly and professional and made what may have been a frightening experience one of calm and contentment. AL

I do appreciate the considerable efforts you have made over more than 10 years to save the sight in both eyes and I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. EH

I would like to thank you for seeing me to discuss operating on my cataract and also for doing the op. You reassured me and I certainly found the proceedure far less scary than I had feared and my eye seems to be doing fine now GC

I came away from my appointment with you feeling both reassured and very positive. This, I am sure, is entirely due to the time you took to explain my eye condition in terms that I could understand and also to set out so clearly the options before me. CF

Find out more about your surgeon, Peter Simcock

My blog will keep you up to date with developments in the world of eye surgery and also on my schedule of teaching and training events for patients, optometrists and trainee doctors.


Mr Peter Simcock MB ChB DO FRCP FRCS FRCOphth trained at three prestigious teaching hospitals, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.


Mr Peter Simcock is highly regarded by his fellow Consultants in the region as a reliable and authoritative second opinion on complicated and difficult cataract and retinal cases.


Mr Peter Simcock was the first eye surgeon in the UK to pioneer the use of a “no or limited posture” technique in the treatment of macular holes with a scientific publication in 2000.


Mr Peter Simcock is renowned for his teaching ability and has trained doctors from around the world. He has published 3 books and has 45 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals.

NHS Work

Mr Peter Simcock's  dedication to NHS work has resulted in being awarded a national clinical excellence award in 2009 and renewed in 2014 for services over and above what is contractually required.

Patient Feedback

Patient feedback is vital in order to improve the service.  All patients have feedback forms given and Exeter Eye at Admiral House publishes patient reported outcomes on a quarterly basis. 

Surgical Audit

At Exeter Eye all cataract surgery data is captured on an electronic patient record called Medisight and this facilitates continuous audit on outcomes such as improvement in vision and complication rates


I provide teaching material for Medical Students, Eye Doctors, Optometrists and Patients in the form of videos and powerpoint slides.  There will be some video material of operations I have performed.