Eye survival for medical students – a narrated powerpoint presentation

by | 28th May 2020

With the current COVID19 situation I have been asked by my local medical school to present a talk that I usually give once a year to a live audience in the medical school lecture theatre.  I have now prepared it as a narrated PowerPoint presentation that medical students can view remotely.

It describes the eye and how it functions, then discusses various basic examination techniques that do not require specialist equipment and finally talks about common eye problems and rare but not to be missed eye pathology.  Although it is primarily aimed at medical students it may be of interest to the general public if they have some medical background, nursing staff, optometrists and other health care professionals.

A more detailed account of the various eye problems mentioned in my talk can be found in a book I have published as co-author with Anthony Pane entitled Eye Essentials For Every Doctor.  I felt however it would be useful to place this PowerPoint presentation in the public domain and can be viewed below.