A poem from a patient that needed to posture with a gas bubble in the eye

by | 2nd February 2018

Vision Reaped

A refillable bottle, she drinks from a straw

Head still down, looks at the floor.

Seven days of discipline, rigour and care,

She stays at home, passes time creatively there.

Reading a few words, listening to radio three,

Hoping to find momentum in focus, fresh eyes to see.

Unsteady on her feet, she grabs onto his arm

Blind in one eye, it’s time to be calm.

The days pass quietly, will healing occur?

She keeps herself busy, looks through the blur.

A bubble bounces, teardrops sting yet

Sturdier she has confidence to lift her head and sing.

Weeding off balance, she gardens on her knees.

A passion reawakens, and in wonderment she sees.

Energy rejuvenates, her vision clears, the Summer

comes and a beautiful harvest appears.

I am very grateful to this patient who had vitrectomy surgery and needed a gas bubble in the eye and also had to posture for one week after surgery.  The poem beautifully describes the experience she felt following such surgery.