Eyhance lens

by | 15th October 2022

I have been using the Eyhance lens on numerous patients and have been very impressed by the results.  This lens is specially designed to give a greater depth of focus and in particular to help patients see in the far distance but also at an intermediate distance, such as looking at a computer screen or looking at a golf ball when teeing off.  This lens is not designed for close vision without glasses and you still need reading glasses but a small number of my patients have noted that in a good light they can also read without glasses provided its reasonable sized print.  This is an added bonus but not what the lens is designed for.

The big advantage of this lens however is in how well and safely it performs.  The only way to get good vision at all distance with current technology and keep the eyes optically balanced is to use multifocal lenses.  They work well but the “holy grail” of good vision at all distances as it used to be in youth still alludes us!  The main issue with multifocal lenses is that in some patients they find issues with glare and haloes and the lenses do not work quite so well in reduced lighting.

The Eyhance lens is not a multifocal lens.  It still has the gold standard optics of a monofocal aspheric lens which is the safest lens to use in terms of best optical performance and least optical side effects but has the advantage of the increased range of focus from intermediate to near.  I think this is a fantastic lens without the side effect profile of multifocal lenses and would be my lens of choice for patients who would like to be less spectacle dependent but are happy still wearing glasses for reading.