Peter Simcock was the first eye surgeon in the UK to pioneer the use of a “no or limited posture” technique in the treatment of macular holes with a scientific publication in 2000 and this technique has been extensively adopted elsewhere in the UK since then and he has given presentations around the world on this technique.


He was one of the first eye doctors in the UK to promote the use of routine lens removal at the time of vitrectomy surgery to avoid patients having to return for subsequent cataract surgery.  He has published extensively on this “combined technique” and again it has been adopted widely in the UK. 

He has been the first Consultant eye surgeon in the UK to develop and promote the use of nurse practitioners giving eye injections for patients with wet macular degeneration and again this is now standard practice in most eye units in the UK.

He has therefore been and still is at the forefront of innovation throughout his career.