Books, Publications and lectures

Peter Simcock has published three books and has 45 publications in peer reviewed journals to date.  To view his publications please click here

His first book “Patient pictures – Ophthalmology” was published in 2000 and provides clear and lucid explanations of various procedures and conditions to patients.  It has been updated and is now available as on on line version free of charge.  Click here to register and view this publication.  

He is co-author with a previous trainee, Anthony Pane, on a second publication “Practical Ophthalmology – a survival guide” which was published in 2005 (and has subsequently been translated into several languages) and was so sucessful that an updated second edition with the title “Eye essentials for every doctor” has been published.  

His third book also co-authored with Anthony Pane “Fast facts – Ophthalmology” was published in 2006 and aimed at GP’s.  This was updated in 2015 with a second edition with Peter Simcock as first author and Andre Burger as co-author.  Click here to view the latest version of this book.

He has published extensively and regularly in peer reviewed journal and has given numerous lectures both locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

He has been the principle investigator for a high quality “portfolio” study called the MERLOT study looking at a new irradiation treatment for wet macular degeneration with Exeter being one of the contributing centres.  The results of this study have recently been accepted for publication in a high impact, peer reviewed journal.